Modding My Way

This site contains the growing efforts of my modding endeavors. As I progress my load orders the pages and content on ModdingMyWay expand. I show all of what I personally do and nothing else.

Text shows my process step-by-step. Videos are linked from the GamerPoets YouTube Channel to aid where they make sense. I am one person creating all of GamerPoets content as well as running this website. If you care to support my efforts go HERE

I take care in what I do. I test. I ask for help. I test again. Eventually I revise guides and video content due to new mods, new experience and preference. I improve my abilities on a regular basis but I still make mistakes. I am able to correct them thanks to you. This site is far from complete. The community and it’s support are what keep me going. Welcome to Modding My Way = )


Disclaimer & Terms of Use

The Modding My Way site is created, run by and maintained by an individual with more mental health issues than a newsstand. This site is not a business. It is a personal log of ramblings and links created or provided by an ill nincompoop for your entertainment. Do not use, read or participate in anything on the Modding My Way site. Do not click any of the links. Information and links may be incorrect. Instructions will never be complete. It’s amazing that the site owner knows how to use a keyboard. A grilled-cheese sandwich is more competent.

The site and owner are not responsible for anything including themselves. You are guaranteed absolutely nothing. Don’t be surprised if the website is one day turned into a psychological case study. It may at any time be destroyed like the unwanted step child it is. Don’t be offended. We, all three of me, love step children. However, children are not welcome and your presence implies that you are at-least 18 years of age. Even if you are of age you should have closed the Modding My Way site and wiped it from your browser history and memory banks long before reading this far down the page.

A Message from Modding My Way’s Creator:

“Go away. I love you. Please stay. I want a cheeseburger, with bacon, but I can only afford a free sample of gluten free, imitation, crab dip. Sorry, I have to go. I’m writing this in the lobby of my psycho-therapist and I hear her coming. She knows my thoughts. Maybe she’s a psychic therapist? No. Never mind. It was just a multicolored Cerberus. Wait. I was wrong. She IS the Cerberus. I have to go before she turns me into a hairy-bottomed wiggle-lump. Hugs and kisses.

P.S. My no-no hurts. “no-no” is code word for T-shirt. My lawyer told me I had to clarify. My lawyer is my mom. She is not a lawyer. “Mom” is code word for girlfriend. She hates that.”

Any questions? Too, bad. They can’t and wont be answered. Kung-fu.