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“You have been pre-selected for entrance into the local Vault. Vault 111! – Vault-Tec Rep

My Way to Fallout 4 Provides Three Paths

[Rooted] : tag along start to finish and recreate my personal build.
[Lone Wanderer ] : stop after any section and venture into the Commonwealth on your own.
[Cap Collector] : add individual sections to your already modded game.

If you add random sections to your Load Order you need prior modding knowledge to troubleshoot your setup. Choose the [Cap Collector] Perk with caution as it may quickly become [Demolition Expert].
The sections listed below can be used individually without concern:

In progress…

“Up the stairs, please.”- Vault-Tec Security

“Can’t imagine livin’ with a face like that. Suppose I’ll have to help you out of pity.” – Old Longfellow

Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Stupid Humans. Past modding weak. Weak ones die. My Way Strong. Smash!

– Open Windows Explorer

– Navigate to Steam/SteamApps/Common
– Delete the Fallout 4 folder.

– Navigate to Users/<User Account>/Documents/My Games
– Delete the Fallout 4 folder.

– Navigate to <OS Drive>:/Users/<User Account>/AppData/Local
– Delete the Fallout 4 folder.

When installing a tested load order I nuke past modding sessions. Left over files, that you may be unaware of, have the potential to irradiate and mutate.



My Way supports Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition

Download Fallout 4

– INSTALL Fallout 4 from your LIBRARY. ( NOT in the Program Files directories )
– Click PLAY from Steam. Let the additional components install. Agree to the pop-ups then close the Game Startup Menu.

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing.”- Nick Valentine